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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Postcards from Fran: A Neighborhood Knocked Down, then United, by Fran

This account of Hurricane Fran comes from Dr. Nancy Schecter, a resident of central Raleigh before, during, and after Fran. In September 1996, our kids... (Read more)

Postcards from Fran: Beyond-Belief Stories from the Coast

These memories from Hurricane Fran along the coast come from news articles written after the storm. North Carolina's coast bore the brunt of Hurricane... (Read more)

Postcards from Fran: Fuel for Fires and Sustenance for Soldiers

This account of Hurricane Fran in Fayetteville comes from Geneva Gray, a graduate research assistant at the State Climate Office. Hurricane Fran wreaked... (Read more)

Postcards from Fran: Toppled Trees and the Smell of Sawdust

This account of Hurricane Fran in Raleigh comes from Jim Epps, an instrument technician at the State Climate Office. In the summer of 1996, I was working... (Read more)

Then and Now, Fran a Standard-Bearer for Hurricane Destruction

When you think of the ingredients for a damaging hurricane in North Carolina, a few things are likely to make the list: Major hurricane-strength with high... (Read more)

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