North Carolina Climate

Postcards from Fran: Toppled Trees and the Smell of Sawdust

This account of Hurricane Fran in Raleigh comes from Jim Epps, an instrument technician at the State Climate Office. In the summer of 1996, I was working... (Read more)

Then and Now, Fran a Standard-Bearer for Hurricane Destruction

When you think of the ingredients for a damaging hurricane in North Carolina, a few things are likely to make the list: Major hurricane-strength with high... (Read more)

Hurricane Bertha Kick-Started a Stormy Stretch in NC

The summer of 1996 was a wake-up call of sorts for North Carolina's coastline. Prior to that, it had been ten years since the last hurricane landfall... (Read more)

Summer and Tropical Outlook: An ENSO Reversal and its Effects

The oceans, they are a changin'. The El NiƱo conditions that were so prominent in the Pacific Ocean just five months ago have now nearly vanished, and... (Read more)

NC Extremes: Damaging Hurricanes From Slopes to Shores

This post is part of our year-long series about North Carolina's weather extremes. In September, our NC Extremes post highlighted the strongest hurricanes... (Read more)

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