Urban Heat Island Temperature Mapping Campaign

Raleigh and Durham – 2021

A community project to map extreme heat in Raleigh and Durham!

About The Project

This summer, scientists and community volunteers will hit the streets to better understand where urban heat islands occur in the cities of Raleigh and Durham.

On the day of the campaign, volunteers will collect real-time data including ambient air temperature and humidity. The data will be used to develop a high-resolution temperature map of Raleigh and Durham, which will reveal the hottest/coolest parts of the area and the extent of the temperature differences between them. Similar efforts in other parts of the country indicate differences upwards of 18-degrees Fahrenheit at the same time across a region. By understanding where the most extreme temperatures occur, ongoing heat mitigation efforts by nonprofits, urban planners, public health officials, and urban foresters will be able to provide resources to areas of the community that are most vulnerable to the impacts of extreme heat.

Raleigh and Durham are just two of the 13 locations selected to participate in the 2021 NIHHIS-CAPA HeatWatch Campaign.

Campaign Date

To collect the most meaningful data, the campaign needs to take place on a hot, clear day. Historical weather patterns tell us that we have the best chance of seeing these optimal conditions in Raleigh and Durham in late June to July.

Our campaign date has been set for July 23rd!

Upcoming Events

Heat Island Mapping in Raleigh and Durham

July 23rd @ 6-7am, 3-4pm, and 7-8pm

Contact us

Want to talk more about the project? Want to partner with us? Get in touch at info@activategood.org.

The 2021 Raleigh and Durham Urban Heat Island Temperature Mapping Campaign is a partnership between the Museum of Life and Science, NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Durham County, the City of Raleigh, the North Carolina State Climate Office, National Weather Service Raleigh Office, and Activate Good. This project is made possible by NOAA and NIHHIS.