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Climate Summary: December 2013

Statewide Average Precipitation: *5.75 inches (12th wettest since 1895)

Statewide Average Temperature: *44.65°F (27th warmest since 1895)

*Values generated from preliminary numbers

December 2013: A wet end to a wet year in North Carolina

Both minimum and maximum temperatures in December were generally just a bit above normal, and otherwise typical for December. The big news for the close of the year was the continued wet weather. Many locations across the state reported amounts that were more than 50% above normal, and several locations reported a December that was among the top 5 wettest on record. Brevard, in Transylvania County, reported 14.77 inches in December, which ranks as the wettest December on record for that location (with 82 years of record).

Precipitation Station Rankings for December 2013
Rank is relative to each station's individual period of record.

Precipitation for December 2013
Based on estimates from NWS Radar. Data Courtesy NWS/NCEP.

Precipitation for December 2013: Percent of Normal
Based on estimates from NWS Radar. Data Courtesy NWS/NCEP.

In addition to heavy precipitation across most of the state, there were several major storm events that caused some damage in the state. Two of these produced reports of ice and caused limited tree and traffic problems.

Local Storm Report Summary for December 2013
Data Courtesy NWS

Rain in December reduced the area of drought concern to just a small sliver of abnormally dry conditions along the southeast coast. As is typical during the winter season, drought impacts are very difficult to find even in areas that have been dry. During the cool season, water supplies in streams, soils, and reservoirs are usually adequate here in NC, even when its been drier than normal.

US Drought Monitor for North Carolina
Image Courtesy NC DENR Water Resources

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