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North Carolina Climate Blog

News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Tropical Air and Tropical Storms Make for a Warm, Wet August

August in North Carolina began and ended with rain from tropical systems, and there was plenty of rain in between as well. Temperatures remained warmer... (Read more)

Join Us for Climate-Conscious NC!

Happy August! For those of you that don't know me yet, my name is Kathie Dello and I'm the State Climatologist and Director of the State Climate Office.... (Read more)

Rapid Reaction: Isaias Moved Fast but Hit Hard in Eastern NC

It was a stealthy storm arriving overnight, but there was no mistaking the damage from Hurricane Isaias. Before it ever made it here, it had already broken... (Read more)

Summer Surges Ahead in a Hot, Dry July

After a cool June, hot weather arrived in July, while generally limited precipitation saw Abnormally Dry conditions return in North Carolina -- but for... (Read more)

Climate Thresholds Tool Offers Historical Stats About Extreme Events

They're the sort of climatological curiosities that may have crossed your mind this year without even realizing it. In the Sandhills: Wow, 90 degrees... (Read more)

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