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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Rapid Reaction: Back-to-Back Ice Storms Pound the Northern Piedmont

If the Piedmont of North Carolina is the ice storm capital of the south, then the ruling weather regime had a full docket over the past week, with two... (Read more)

A 'Fairy Tale' January Has Tame Temperatures, Precipitation Variety

Once upon a time last month, our temperatures seemed bland and boring, but a closer look revealed a world of precipitation possibilities, including snow,... (Read more)

An Extreme, Unusual 2020: the Weather Year in Review

The unprecedented aspects of 2020 included our climate in North Carolina, which the statistics show was an extreme year in our modern history. According... (Read more)

Warm, Wet December Weather Lands Short of Annual Records

With year-long temperature and precipitation records on the line, we narrowly missed both following warm and wet (but not warm and wet enough) weather... (Read more)

A Warm, Wet November Puts Records Within Reach

A few drenched days from the tropics' parting shot to the Southeast amounted to a wet month in North Carolina that also featured sustained warmth. That... (Read more)

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