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North Carolina Climate Blog

News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

June Sees Sizzling Summer Heat Stick Around

Mother Nature turned up the thermostat last month, giving us a particularly steamy start to the summer. Our latest climate summary takes a look at the... (Read more)

May Was Hot and Humid with Heavy Rains

Between torrential flood-causing rainfall and warm, humid weather, it was an active and often uncomfortable May weather-wise. Our latest climate summary... (Read more)

Wisps of Winter, Sprinklings of Spring in a Cool, Wet April

Our April climate summary looks at last month's widespread rainfall and cool temperatures, as well as the severe weather so far this spring. April Showers... (Read more)

Winter Roars Back in a Lion-Like March

This month's climate summary highlights our turbulent March that included some springtime snow, cool and windy weather, and a new sensor to help track... (Read more)

Winter Recap 2017-18: A Season of Surprises

It was the winter that kept us guessing. Just when we thought our warm fall would persist into 2018, a record-setting cold snap ensued. We thought the... (Read more)

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