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North Carolina Climate

June Dry in the West, Wet in the East

Seasonal temperatures, but not extreme heat, arrived in June, while we saw big contrasts in precipitation across the state. Click any underlined heading... (Read more)

OBITUARY: Remembering the 2015-16 El NiƱo Event

The El NiƱo of 2015-16 has passed away after a short but ruinous battle with cool water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Following multiple attempts... (Read more)

Summer and Tropical Outlook: An ENSO Reversal and its Effects

The oceans, they are a changin'. The El NiƱo conditions that were so prominent in the Pacific Ocean just five months ago have now nearly vanished, and... (Read more)

May's Cool, Wet Weather Caps a Variable Spring

Cloud cover reigned in May, keeping high temperatures down and showers moving through regularly. Click any underlined heading in the graphic to read more... (Read more)

NC Forest Service Attacks April's Fires Using Lessons from the Past

The pattern change from our wet winter to a dry spring brought on one of North Carolina's worst fire seasons in the last decade, with three large wildfires... (Read more)

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