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North Carolina Climate Blog

News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Climate Summary: 2012 By The Numbers

How does the climate of 2012 compare? Now that all the numbers are in, we have sense as to how 2012 fits into our climate history for North Carolina.... (Read more)

Groundhog Day is On the Way

After much of North Carolina saw wintry weather in recent weeks, many folks must be wondering whether there is more snow and ice to come or if warmer weather... (Read more)

Wind Chill Tells the Tale of Bitter Winter Conditions

For those cold winter days when the wind seems to bite at your skin, meteorologists have developed a way to quantify the hold that the cold has on you. Antarctic... (Read more)

When is it most likely to snow?

With the threat of snow for much of North Carolina in the forecast, we wondered how typical was the timing of this event. We often get asked about when... (Read more)

Climate Summary: December 2012

A wetter, warmer start to winter December brought welcome precipitation and relatively warm temperatures to North Carolina. Let's review precipitation... (Read more)

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