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North Carolina Climate Blog

News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Climate Summary: February 2014

Statewide Average Precipitation: *3.27 inches (42nd driest since 1895) Statewide Average Temperature: *42.12°F (60th warmest / 61st coldest since 1895) *Values... (Read more)

An Introduction to Severe Weather

What is severe weather? The World Meteorological Organization defines severe weather as dangerous meteorological phenomenon, of varying duration, with... (Read more)

StormFest 2014 Hits Raleigh This Week

Rebecca Cumbie demonstrates the properties of air pressure to visitors at StormFest 2012.Since its inception in 2010, StormFest has gathered science and... (Read more)

March Madness is Back... for Rainfall?!

Have you ever wondered how much rain or snow fell in your backyard? If so, then you could be a great addition to a growing national network of amateur... (Read more)

2013-2014 CCMMS Internship: Studies Involving Christmas Trees and Apples

Fraser Fir trees, more commonly known as Christmas Trees North Carolina is the 7th leading producer of apples in the US Each year, the State Climate... (Read more)

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