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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Often Ignored in a Stormy Era, Bonnie Still Packed a Punch

The late 1990s in North Carolina became synonymous with names like Bertha, Fran, and Floyd. But another, perhaps less well-remembered hurricane hit the... (Read more)

July's Dry Start Gives Way to a Wet Finish

It was a Jekyll and Hyde weather month in North Carolina as we switched weather patterns midway through July. Our latest climate summary has a closer look... (Read more)

Local Partners Make Ongoing Weather Monitoring Possible

Earlier this month, our office's Environment and Climate Observing Network, or ECONet, grew to 42 total weather stations with the addition of a monitoring... (Read more)

June Sees Sizzling Summer Heat Stick Around

Mother Nature turned up the thermostat last month, giving us a particularly steamy start to the summer. Our latest climate summary takes a look at the... (Read more)

May Was Hot and Humid with Heavy Rains

Between torrential flood-causing rainfall and warm, humid weather, it was an active and often uncomfortable May weather-wise. Our latest climate summary... (Read more)

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