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A Hot, Dry September Sees Drought's Rapid Return

The calendar says it's fall but it still feels like summer. Our September temperatures were warm, our precipitation was generally light after Hurricane... (Read more)

For Duke Energy, No Shelter from Hugo's Storm

Thirty years ago, Hurricane Hugo tested nearly every aspect of our infrastructure in the Carolinas. Trees and power lines snapped in the storm's winds,... (Read more)

How Howling Hugo Became the Western Piedmont's Worst Hurricane

This is the fourth post in our "Stormy Summer" series looking back at some memorable hurricane anniversaries occurring in 2019. Well inland from the... (Read more)

Floyd's Inundation Along the Tar River Spurred a Call to Action

Rob Lipford knew it was an unusual event when even the water in his yard was seeking higher ground. At his home in Rocky Mount, the low-lying backyard... (Read more)

Farmers Felt Floyd's Full Force, Beginning in Onslow County

Perhaps the most famous pictures taken during Hurricane Floyd were not of people but of pigs. Aerial shots showed hog farms flooded by the storm, with... (Read more)

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