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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Twelve Tornadoes Confirmed from Friday's Severe Storms

Last week included a decidedly bad Friday weather-wise for much of North Carolina as severe thunderstorms produced damaging straight-line winds and tornadoes... (Read more)

Spring’s Slow March Leaves Winter Behind

Steadily warming temperatures throughout March, as well as a dry and mostly snow-free month, mean spring is upon us. In this post, we also look back at... (Read more)

CoCoRaHS Reports Offered Unique Insights into Florence

During significant weather events, on-the-ground observations often provide us with the best indications of local conditions and impacts, but we don't... (Read more)

Few Signs of Winter in a Warm, Wet February

Our recent trend of warm Februarys continued last month with above-normal temperatures across the state. The western part of the state also saw record-breaking... (Read more)

January Remains Wet, But the Fire Hose Fizzles

The heavy rain and snow of recent months abated in January, leaving us slightly wet and warm overall. While it has been a wet winter, can we blame El Niño?... (Read more)

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