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North Carolina Climate

Drought Update: Severe Drought Creeps into NC

A small area of North Carolina is in Severe Drought according to this week's release of the US Drought Monitor. Read on to find out more about why this... (Read more)

North Carolina's Dog Days of Summer

Y'all, it's hot outside! Just this week, heat index values stretched into the triple digits across North Carolina. It is hot enough to make even the most... (Read more)

NC Extremes: Flood of 1916 Wiped Out Railways, Records

This post is part of our year-long series about North Carolina's weather extremes. One of our state's most notable floods wreaked havoc on western North... (Read more)

June Sees Sizzling Heat, Emerging Drought, and Damaging Storms

Was June hot enough for you? Temperatures hit the 90s and 100s across the state last month, with dry conditions in the west and storms in the east. The... (Read more)

Rapid Reaction: The Return of Drought

If you caught the news this morning, you may have heard about the appearance of drought in North Carolina for the first time in over two years! With other... (Read more)

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