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North Carolina Climate

NC Extremes: Strong Hurricanes Are No Strangers to NC's Coast

This post is part of our year-long series about North Carolina's weather extremes. Hurricanes are among the most extreme weather events North Carolina... (Read more)

Slow-Moving Ana Brings Steady Rains to Eastern NC

Although three weeks remain until the traditional start of hurricane season, some recent activity in the Atlantic gave us the first named storm -- Tropical... (Read more)

4 Factors that Made Hazel a Perfect Storm for NC

Before Fran, Floyd, Isabel, or Irene, there was Hazel. When Hurricane Hazel made landfall 60 years ago today, it set the standard for hurricane intensity... (Read more)

Summer Projects: Tropical Cyclone Impacts in SC and GA

This post is part of a series highlighting the summer projects from our office's undergraduate research assistants. This part of this series is by Melissa... (Read more)

Hebert Boxes and NC: Tracking Our Landfalling Hurricanes

During hurricane season, tropical systems generally move westward across the Atlantic Basin towards North America. Some systems may form into hurricanes... (Read more)

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