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Winter Recap 2019-20: Warm and Wet, But Little Snow

Heading into the winter, our weather predictions were literally up in the air -- or perhaps out to sea -- as few large-scale atmospheric patterns, including... (Read more)

North Carolina Climate Science Report Plain Language Summary

For the past 8 months, our office has been involved in writing the North Carolina Climate Science Report, the first report of its kind for the state of... (Read more)

A Warm February Split by Mid-Month Snow

Our warm winter continued in February with generally above-normal temperatures, although we did see cold and snow during the month. It was a wet month... (Read more)

January Extends a Warm Winter and Expands Coastal Dryness

Cold air continued to stay away from North Carolina this winter in another warm month. Precipitation spanned the spectrum from wet to dry in January, but... (Read more)

A Warm December Wraps Up a Record Warm Year

December was a month of mostly warm temperatures and fairly wet weather. It also put 2019 on top of the rankings for North Carolina's warmest years, as... (Read more)

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