Climate Change Causes

3.6  Climate Change Causes

3.6a  Causes of Climate Change

The climate of the earth fluctuates, and there are many things that affect it.  Volcanoes, changes in the orbit and the sun, greenhouse gases and the properties of the earth itself have influence over the climate.


3.6b  Milankovitch Cycles

These cycles are caused by changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun, like its shape or eccentricity, its precession or wobble, and the tilt of its axis or obliquity.  Each of these have a different effect on how much of the sun’s energy reaches the earth and when the strongest sunlight occurs.


3.6c  Solar Cycles

The sun has a magnetic field that flips approximately every 11 years.  Sunspots and solar flares are caused by the magnetic activity of the sun. The sunspots and solar flares can affect the earth by changing the amount of incoming sunlight and interacting with the earth's magnetic field. The disruption of our electromagnetic field interferes with our all of our electronics, radios and satellites and can cause the aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere.


3.7  Effects of Climate Change on the Southeast

The Southeast is experiencing climate change.  Generally, temperatures are expected to become warmer with more extreme heat waves.  Changes in rainfall are less certain.  Sea level rise coupled with increased hurricane intensity could be detrimental  to Southeastern coastlines.