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The 2019-20 Winter Outlook: A Little of Everything?

We've already gotten our first taste of winter with last week's freezing temperatures, so with a whole season still to come, it's natural to wonder: is... (Read more)

Winter Pattern Update: What Does ENSO Neutral Mean for NC?

This is the first part of our annual winter outlook series. Our outlook will be released on Thursday, November 21. When assessing our likely wintertime... (Read more)

The Heat Backed Off and Rain Picked Up in October

October began with hundred-degree heat, but a mid-month pattern change brought some relief from the heat and widespread rainfall that led to drought improvement. Record... (Read more)

Was Hazel North Carolina's Worst-Case Hurricane?

This is the final post in our "Stormy Summer" series looking back at some memorable hurricane anniversaries occurring in 2019. No discussion about... (Read more)

The Leaves, They Are a Changin'... But Why?

It's a tradition as old as nature itself -- the changing leaf colors that put a pop in our picturesque fall landscapes. Dr. Howard Neufeld in his...... (Read more)

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