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The Authors

List of Activities

All of the activities on the website linked with any of the topics. This page provides the links to all of the activities listed on this website along with a short description of each activity.

NC Essential Standards

The website above links to the North Carolina Essential Standards for all grades. The unpacked standards can be viewed from the website through the essential standards support tools link on the left of the webpage.

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

Website hosting peer-reviewed case studies from the University of Buffalo in New York. Website has case studies for middle school grades and above, including college level assignments. A wide-range of subjects are included in the case studies.

Andrill Education on the Environment

The environmental literacy framework comes from Andrill Education and contains activities related to the environment and geology. The activities in the activity book on the website are mainly for those in grades 6-10.

Skeptical Science

This website focuses mainly on the misconceptions and the skepticism of climate and climate change.

Weather Misconceptions

Common misconceptions people have about weather and climate change. The website also includes ways to assist in correcting student misconceptions and ways to teach the difficult material to students.

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