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Other Climate Centers
National Centers for Environmental Information: Center for Weather & Climate
Southeast Regional Climate Center
USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub
List of all State Climate Offices

Local NWS Offices
National Weather Service - Raleigh Office
National Weather Service - Wilmington Office
National Weather Service - Morehead City (Newport) Office
National Weather Service - Blacksburg, VA Office
National Weather Service - Wakefield, VA Office
National Weather Service - Greenville-Spartanburg, SC Office

Drought Information
US Drought Monitor
NC Drought Monitoring Council

Agricultural Resources
Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasting
CoCoRaHS Guide for Master Gardeners
USA Blight
Turf Irrigation Management System

Water and River Information
US Geological Survey
National Weather Service Automated Flood Warning System
Southeast River Forecast Center
HDSC Precipitation Frequency Data Server (PFDS)

Climate Forecasts
Regional Climate Forecasts from COLA
Seasonal Climate Forecasts from NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Certified Consulting Meteorologists
AMS Weather & Climate Service Providers

Weather & Environmental Forecasts
National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
NC DENR Division of Air Quality - Ozone Forecast Center
Real-time Weather Data
NOAA NWS Weather

Tropical Cyclone Information
NWS: JetStream - Tropical Weather
National Hurricane Center: Tropical Cyclone Climatology
NOAA Hurricane FAQs
NHC: Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names
Study: Better Observations, Analyses Detecting Short-Lived Tropical Systems

Educational Resources
Air Quality Meteorology Course On-Line at Shodor Education Foundation
Naval Observatory Sunrise/Sunset Information
Temperature Converter at Shodor Education Foundation
Sea Level Pressure Converter at Shodor Education Foundation

Other University Resources
North Carolina State University MEAS