CRONOS Version History

Current Version: 2.7.2
Lines of code including html: insane + 1



Version 2.7.2
March 24, 2009

  • Added precipitation erosivity as an available daily data option for 1-minute stations.


Version 2.7.1
January 18, 2008

  • Added CoCoRaHS as a new network in CRONOS.


Version 2.7.0
August, 2007

  • Added evapotranspiration estimates calculations to daily data retrieval.
  • Added ECONet data to MADIS
  • Mapping interface greatly improved with additional layers, current conditions, and option to plot historical conditions.


Version 2.6.1
June 5, 2006

  • A new map interface for CRONOS was launched. This enables plotting all stations by network type.


Version 2.6.0
June 5, 2006

  • A new map interface for CRONOS was launched. This enables plotting all stations by network type.
  • The map interface also enables current temperatures and dewpoints to be plotted in near real-time. Current winds will be available soon.
  • CRONOS H2O has been launched. This is a subset of CRONOS, which brings in streamflow and groundwater data from USGS, NC Division of Water Resources, and the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Precipitation percentiles, groundwater percentiles, and streamflow percentiles are now available via the map interface and each respective station's data retrieval page. Percentiles represent the rank of a particular value, in a sample, on a percentage scale from 1 to 99, where the 1st percentile represents the lowest value, and the 99th percentile represents the highest value. For example, if the 50th percentile of 7-day summed precipitation for a given station is 2 inches, then 50% of the values associated with 7-day summed precipitation are below 2 inches, and 50% are above. Using percentiles helps to monitor precipitation by classifying the values into categories such as below normal, normal, or above normal.
  • Each station's data retrieval and metadata pages now have a small keyhole map reference image. This links to the CRONOS map, but plans are being implemented to automaically zoom in to the respective lat/lon of the station.


Version 2.5.0
Fall 2005

  • Added a normals page that shows a map of all COOP stations with links to their normals page...
  • ...added monthly climate normals for COOP stations.
  • ...added daily normals for COOP stations on aforementioned normals page.
  • Added hide/show output table of nearby stations based on the great circle distance formula. A compass bearing is to come soon.
  • To go along with list of nearby stations, I'm working on adding a chart of current conditions from those nearby stations.
  • On the database end, major changes-- all hourly data is now stored as one large table as is all daily data. All dynamic and static queries were changed to meet this new structure, which should provide increased performance for the end-user.
  • COOP daily data is now retrievable via CRONOS.
  • Daily and monthly periods of record for non-internal users has been extended.
  • Text list of stations has been modified to reveal types of data available for each station (hourly, daily, monthly, climate normals/summary).
  • Climate summaries for automated stations was added.


Version 2.3.0
November 30, 2004

  • Reverted a small portion of the query routine back to 2.2.0 to include this month's values so far in all monthly queries... only affects public users.
  • Two new quality control flags added... 'T' for algorithm updated data point and 'A' for data points added from the old AgNet static web pages. 'M' flag added for data that came from the NCWX Bbs.
  • Added a station search function. Now users can search for a station based on city,county,name, or ID... currently only available from the main CRONOS webpage.
  • A first attempt at a quality control interface for select internal staff was implemented. This allows select staff to manually update data points that were algorithm-flagged as possible quality control failures. An interface for daily AgNet QC will be implemented soon, as well as many additional features added to the interface.
  • For Agnet stations, added two new parameters under hourly moisture: Penman-Monteith and Priestley-Taylor evapotranspiration estimates.
  • Quality control interface added for daily data for select SCO staff.


Version 2.2.0
Released May 19, 2004

  • Calculated missing observations for hourly output and insert missing row for logged-in users in all output formats.
  • Calculated missing records for daily output and insert missing row for logged-in users in all output formats.
  • Changed query routine in daily to not include the current day's values. This is to prevent data from being misconstrued - only affects public users.
  • Changed query routine in monthly to not include values so far in the current month. This is to prevent data from being misconstrued - only affects public users.
  • Fixed bug with comma, tab, excel output that would exceed a loop time limit for very large data sets. The fix was to reset time limit with each loop iteration.


Version 2.1.0
Released April 10, 2004

  • Ingested historical data for many AWOS stations.
  • Fixed date formatting issues with dates prior to 1970... date formatting fixed on log script, graphing, query, and output scripts.
  • New method implemented for formatting of x-axis on all graphs.
  • Added ability to sort text list of stations by start date.
  • Fixed rounding problems on threshold searches... problem was that when doing an equal-to search, value had to match exactly to the decimal. Now it only has to match to two decimal places.
  • Fixed minor bar graph issues... bar width is now 85% of tick width, bars actually line up now between ticks, and x-axis is always positioned at the y-min rather than zero.


Version 2.0.0
Released March 23, 2004

  • Monthly parameters added for ECONet stations, both levels
  • Average vector wind directions and speeds for ECONet stations in monthly data set
  • Query algorithm heavily modified for monthly parameters
  • Added the option to have output sent as Excel spreadsheet
  • Added the option to have output sent as tab delimited text
  • Maintenance logs dynamically inserted for each AgNet station
  • Bar graph for monthly precipitation added
  • Basic user guide added
  • Script that connects to database was enhanced to handle errors better and e-mail staff with error message
  • Any fatal error during a query will automatically e-mail staff with details of error so that such bugs can be fixed
  • Fixed bug with averages not calculating correctly on hourly data retrieval
  • Restructured conversions script to handle converting TO anything FROM anything-- first step in getting the threshold searches to work
  • Added sum option for evapdaily parameter on monthly retrieval
  • Added threshold searches for internal/private users
  • Implemented measures to prevent bots from crawling the database
  • Added quality control flags to webpage output
  • Added dewpoint, heat index, wind chill on-the-fly calculations to output and hourly parameters list
  • Added graphing option for the aforementioned calculated parameters
  • Daily parameters added; query script modified for daily data retrieval from stations other than ECONet
  • Changed default checked parameters to none
  • Added bot checking routine to graphing script
  • Heavily modified query script for daily data retrieval from stations other than ECONet
  • Also added monthly queries for stations other than ECONet
  • On-the-fly calculations for mean temps and vector wind averages added for daily queries
  • Graphing added for daily and monthly queries
  • Added graph requests to log file and reingested all old log entries
  • Added most recent observation date to each station in the text list of automated stations
  • Heating and Cooling degree days added to daily parameters list
  • Fixed bug with SCAN station graphs throwing errors
  • Fixed bug with average soil moisture not being pulled even if selected
  • Added a column in output for the number of records used to compile each row of data in daily and monthly retrievals
  • Fixed minor bugs with comma, tab, and Excel dataset output
  • Minor bug fixed on monthly retrieval where no output sent if user selected December as the end month
  • For monthly queries where a daily table does not exist, created a temporary daily table for the monthly query to access (pretty big deal)
  • Temporary table also created for monthly graph requests where a daily table does not already exist
  • Changed all graph types to line rather than scatter, except for winds. Also made the dots one pixel larger when there are more than 48 data points
  • Added 'hourly only' to queries in graphing script (this is a bug fix)
  • Calculated mean values added to bottom of output table on hourly retrieval page (along with sum, avg, max, min)
  • Added count of each QC'd flag at bottom of html output page for hourly data retrieval
  • If internal user selects a start date for retrieval prior to the respective station's first observation, change that start request date to equal that of the station's first ob
  • Added number of minutes that have elapsed since last observation on the index page for each station
  • Added a "what's this?" question-mark link on the webpage output for data retrieval above each column of data that may need clarification
  • Fixed bug with degree day data being erroneous on comma, tab, and Excel file outputs
  • Added Excel spreadsheet output link from text list of stations... spreadsheet is generated on the fly and gives full details of each station
  • Added sum of degree days for monthly data retrievals
  • Wet Bulb can now be calculated on-the-fly for ASOS/AWOS stations
  • Calculated log wind profile added for wind speeds
  • Added disclaimer at top of output page for monthly data retrievals


Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed bug with units not appearing on comma delimited output


Version 1.2
Released around September 22, 2003

  • Daily parameters were added for ECONet stations
  • Navigation tabs for hourly, daily, monthly added for each station


Version 1.1
Released September 18, 2003

  • Numbers and wind barbs added to JET applet for gusts, sustained speeds.
  • Data query output was made more efficient, which increased speed by about 3x.


Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed bug with current conditions showing up even when ob time is old (now only shows if ob is < 2 days old)


Version 1.0
Released September 12, 2003

This was the first version of the interface, which had been in development for over three months. Basic functionality included hourly retrieval from any station in our database, output converted to units choice of user, graphing function implemented, text list of stations, dynamic generation of available parameters, and dynamic queries. The Java ECONet Tool (JET) was also released.

For additional information or questions about CRONOS, contact our office.