About the CRONOS Database

Climate Retrieval and Observations Network Of the Southeast (CRONOS)

The NC CRONOS/ECONet Database is maintained by the State Climate Office of North Carolina. Our ECONet network is a part of the CRONOS Database. Data from 39753 stations are archived in this database for retrieval. The primary focus of the database is on North Carolina stations, but we also archive data from stations in portions of South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Most stations are maintained by the FAA, NWS, or other government agencies. 43 stations (ECONet) are maintained directly by the State Climate Office of NC.

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Users Guide

An online users guide is available here.

Source of Data

The source of data from the ECONet stations are the stations themselves. These stations communicate with our servers at least once an hour. Data from other stations in our database are retrieved via the Internet and ingested at least once an hour. These stations are maintained by NOAA, the FAA, USGS, and other local agencies.

Types of Stations in Database

We currently have data from several networks of stations. For information about the types of stations, click here. There are 4743 stations in North Carolina, 2579 in South Carolina, 2062 in Virginia, 2330 in Georgia, 2740 in Tennessee, and 66 in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is a CRONOS?

Cronos was the father of the Greek god Zeus. Cronos was also the most high god before the Greek gods took over. He was also the god of harvest.

Citation Request

If you publish findings based on this data, please use the following citation (with the date changed to reflect the save date on the data file):

State Climate Office of North Carolina, NC State University. CRONOS [internet database] available at http://climate.ncsu.edu/cronos/. Accessed Month DD, YYYY.

For more information about CRONOS, contact our office.