Climate Thresholds Tool

The Climate Thresholds Tool provides historical information regarding when temperatures, precipitation or snowfall are above or below user defined thresholds for a given location. For instance, this tool can provide information on the average first day the high temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Raleigh, or the average last day when snowfall exceeds 1 inch in Asheville. In addition, this tool can also provide historical information regarding the number of days that temperatures, precipitation, or snowfall are above, or below a given threshold. For instance this tool can provide information about the number of days the low temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in Greensboro.

In addition to providing information on the first day, last day, and number of days where temperatures, precipitation, or snowfall are above or below a given threshold, this tool can also provide information on the number of days that temperatures fall between two thresholds. In addition, this tool allows for each of these thresholds to be checked for the entire period of record, for a given month, or for a given range of days.

Precipitation and snowfall default to a threshold of 0 inches, that is, precipitation and snowfall thresholds default to providing information about when precipitation/snowfall occurs regardless of the observed amounts. Thresholds must be provided for temperatures.

The tool itself will output a map and metadata information for the closest station in question, along with the basic information on the user specified information in text and graphic format.

Climate Thresholds Tool Version 1.6 - 1/24/2013
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