Horticultural Crops Research Station (CAST)

Castle Hayne, New Hanover County, NC


Graph1 Solar Radiation vs. Air Temperature: The Graph seems to be going up as the solar radiation Increases. Most of the points are around the Air Temperature line of 80° but then they go a bit higher up off the 80 degree line. The Temperature never went below about 15 degrees.


Range-Solar Radiation:0-~1100


Range- Air Temperature:~15-~97







Graph2 Solar Radiation vs. Relative Humidity: The graph seems to have a lot less points the higher the solar radiation gets. There were multiple times when the relative humidity was 100%. The graph has one point that is located on the 40 degree line at the 1100 solar radiation line. This is abnormal.


Range-Solar Radiation: 0-~1100


Range- Relative Humidity: ~10-~100