The Northern Mountains had the most days with ice, on average. This differed from our hypothesis, as we expected the Piedmont region to receive the most days with ice. However it's important to note that the data used in this study was only available for the last few years. A longer period of record is needed to obtain a more worthwhile climatology. We also only focused on the number of days with ice for each season. Using the number of hours where ice was observed may have given us a better idea of the overall impact.






Future Work

Our project only involved retrieving data for a 5-year period. To develop a more complete climatology, we will need to find more long term ice observations. In addition, calculating the number of hours in each season where ice was observed should give us a better idea of how long ice impacted a certain station. We also need to verify that the information is accurate by comparing one station's data to the data from surrounding stations.


Motivation and Method

Data Results

Mountain Results

Piedmont Results

Coastal Plain Results

Conclusions and Future Work