Where Is It Snowing In North Carolina?




Our hypothesis is that the higher the altitude, the more snowfall the will receive.  Altitude is a big factor because usually the higher you are the less dense the air is so there for the more snowfall you will receive.   
















Out of these counties I think that the county with the most snowfall will be Orange County. The city in Orange County I choose is Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill has a colder range in Temperature’s. They are farther north in North Carolina (southern piedmont).

All the counties I looked at had to have some type of snowfall recorded. They year that it went back to did not matter. All the counties ended in 2007 because you want updated data. I pulled my data from Climod and that is a research website the research different things related to the climate and the changes. Using the graphing I compared the different months of usual snowfall and the different counties. The most




We went to the state climate office at NC State and collected date from different sources. Out of that data we compared them

Then we graphed them to answer our question.  Out of our research at the state climate office we discovered that the altitude does not

 Effect the amount of snowfall an area receives.















































































































What we determined from our research is that the altitude doesn’t really matter but it is a great thing to think about

When you are determining how much snowfall you will get in a certain area.



Our conclusion/answer is that the altitude does affect the amount of snowfall that a certain area receives in an amount of time.  When we were graphing the Mountains part of the state it had the most amount of snowfall nut at some points in time the piedmont had the most amounts of snowfall. I would say that our hypotheses was correct but with flaws as everyone’s hypotheses is. The piedmont had almost just as much snow as the Mountains did so they almost measured out in the end. IN further more to the project my partner and I came upon a very interesting pattern in the amount of snowfall. When you look at Ashville’s snowfall it has a pattern, every 20 years or so they have a huge snowfall. So if you took this into perspective then you can probably guess the weather pattern and tell them the weather pattern, the weather stations would find this very helpful in the prediction of snowfall in a certain area.  








Special Thanks To:

Ashley Frazier

Elwood Peters

Kelly Stuart

Climatology lab at NC State Campus




A little about our mentors:

Ashley Frazier was a great help with the finding information and being very patient with us. We knew nothing about the climatology lab before we stared and she taught us every thing we needed to know.

Elwood Peter helped us get started and into the program. With any thing we needed help with he had it done so truly a thanks to him. With out him we wouldn’t be here (he introduced us to the program).

Kelly Stuart is not only our amazing teacher at school but she also took out her own time to drive us and looking after us in the climatology lab. She gave us advice and was always there when we needed her to be. She was truly an amazing help.

Climatology lab at NC state campus let us come in once a week and let us use there information and computers. We truly enjoyed working there and getting a new experience.

All of these people are truly first place winners in our Book! <3 We love you all!







Other pictures of snow fall include:

As you know snowfall usually doesn’t come to Raleigh very often and whenever it does we celebrate. Across North Carolina some get more snowfall than others. Look at these pictures and see the beauty within them<3.













     snowchristmas08049.jpg Reinkers back yard image by stampnalatte






This project was by: Lillian Stell & Lauren Harris