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Roanoke River Basin: Doing fairly well during the drought because it's almost at the edge of NC and the cities in the river basin have enough water to keep it off the severe status of the drought.


Roanoke Rapids: 4.3 inches of precipitation

Plymouth: 2.3 inches of precipitation

Williamston: 3.3 inches of precipitation


Neuse River: It's being kept up by a switch off which lets it get water from Lake Benson near Garner, NC, which increases their water supply to last for 3 more weeks


Falls Lake Reservoir: This main water supply for Raleigh is at record low and is its dropping level is the reason that the Neuse River is being supplied by Lake Benson and it because the reason the lake was supplying the Neuse River was to get water to the counties south of Wake County.


Graphs and other Pictures


NC Drought Monitor Map      NC Drought Monitor Map      NC Drought Monitor Map     

The first drought monitor of the Roanoke Basin is from 9/11/07, the second is from10/23/07, and the last is from 12/25/07 which shows how the drought increased between September and November and then started dropping during the end of December.

This graph shows the stream flow of the Neuse River and how during February through April it was doing great and how since the drought it has dropped to less then 1000 cubic feet of stream flow. The graph also shows different periods of averages.

This graph shows the elevation of the Catawba River in the mountain region and how it isn't been effected much except for the fact that there hasn't been enough precipitation and when there has been, it's below an inch.

1. These rivers of the Roanoke Basin are in a place north of where NC's boundaries meet Virginia's. This relates to the graph below about these rivers.

2. These are the rivers at the end of the Roanoke Basin and the rivers in the graph below.

3.These rivers are at the mid-point of the Roanoke Basin and the graph below refers to these rivers.

1. This graph shows the parts of Roanoke river in Virginia which shows that the drought has been brutal to the north yet its making a comeback and trying to level out water.

2. This graph shows the flow of water increased during the start of February and how it being steady meaning the water level keeping pretty much the same except for the dramatic increase.

3. This graph shows us 1 Virginia river in the basin and 2 NC rivers in the basin which if you compare it shows that the higher north you go you get better rain and so people start to depend on this and increase the outflow which means that the elevation for that river dam increases with it and vice versa.

Survey results from the Brogan Survey released today show that 85% of North Carolinians think the drought in our state is serious or extremely serious.

Percentage of people in each region who classified the drought as "extremely serious":

Western: 52.0%

Charlotte: 56.7%

Piedmont: 48.7%

Southern: 38.5%

Triangle: 46.0%

Coastal: 31.7%

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