(How we went about founding out our answer)


To find the answer to our question, we decided to monitor water level and elevation from 3 sites, while trying to interpret how this might effect the surrounding communities, and any others getting water from that source.

Data from 2007 August to 2008 February is used. Since the drought worsened during this period, we can more easily determine whether or not the surrounding areas cause problems.

We thought to start by seeking a basin or river that that would allow us explores a bigger area, instead of finding every river or basin for each of the regions. This would give us a better understanding in solving this question.

Drought Affects Farm Animation

Find information about rivers or basins that are large, which will mean we have more resources to work with.

*    Graph their elevation and precipitation so you know what is happening to the river/basin throughout a certain date. Make sure the chosen period is during a drought that is getting severe, which will provide us with information about how the different regions are affected. If data from the river/basin is not available, find data from nearby towns or cities.

*    Record any talk about what might happen to the river/basin during the drought. This will show how people feel about their chances in the drought, and help determine if your hypothesis is right or why it is wrong.

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