vWe think that most people are badly affected by their surroundings, physically and socially.


vIn the Coastal region, we found that while the drought is going up and down on the graphs, a survey taken in August 24, 2007 shows that only 31.7% of the people in this region think that this is a serious drought.


vThe Piedmont region is suffering the most, because they are spending time and money on fighting the "symptoms" and not the cause. In other words, they are just trying to survive this. Their water comes from the Falls Lake reservoir, which by the looks of it isn't doing so well and is in its record low elevation. For this reason, the officials have thought of a short term solution to put pipes connecting the Neuse River to Lake Benson to get enough water supplies, and be able to provide transportation of the water to the counties down south. This proves that they are indeed taking extreme measures because they have even passed a water conservation laws on some things. The survey it shows that 48.7% of people from the Piedmont region think the drought is a serious issue.


vThe Mountain region shows they aren't experiencing much drought, but they have been put on some water restrictions. Their water supply is averaging out so that their reservoirs aren't going to record lows yet. What's strange is that 52% of people in western NC think that the drought is serious. 56.7% of Charlotte's people also agree the drought is serious.


Future Work

Future experiments branching off of this one could be to see if there is more benefit in being an eastern or western state in the U.S., in the sense of the weather and how it affects these regions of the country. We can check water levels, find out how the people living there are affected, and if the pros outweigh the cons, or the other way around.

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