What is Frontogenesis?

Frontogenesis is a measure of the “creation" of a front. Usually, Frontogenesis refers to the strength of the horizontal temperature gradient. Horizontal temperature gradient refers to the change of temperature over distance
A simple version of the Frontogenesis equation is: .

Another way to write this equation is: .

To find change in heating, subtract the smaller temperature value from the larger one. Then find the distance between the two points you measured, this is the change in distance. Divide the numerical value of the change in heating by the distance. The resulting number will be in the format Xº(F or C)/unit of distance. For example, if the temperature over land is 40ºF, and the temperature over water is 70ºF, and the two points are 30 miles apart, then the temperature gradient would be 1ºF/mile. The higher the answer, the greater the rate of Frontogenesis.


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