Selected Speaker: Chancellor Fox

Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor of NC State University, discussed the importance of research and educational efforts at the State Climate Office. Excerpts from her presentation are provided below.

Marye Anne Fox"The mission of the State Climate Office essentially addresses three functions. The primary function is to provide extension services to North Carolina, and be able to relate the events related to weather to other factors. It is also involved in research related to climate change, severe weather, agriculture, and water resources. Modeling any of these very complex systems requires a high level of sophistication and access to supercomputing facilities. The education and training of graduate and undergraduate students is likewise one of the most serious missions of the center and one that we celebrate and wish to preserve." Listen

"They have performed valuable service in defining the impacts of El NiƱo on North Carolina weather and climate." Listen

"These techniques are of significant implication ... for predicting what would happen if an explosion took place and how the pollution or the dangerous or toxic materials for example, from a bioterrorism event, could be spread." Listen

"The State Climate Office and National Weather Service have been working ... since 1997 to bring forth prediction of severe weather related incidents that would be important to North Carolina citizens. This is a program that is of great importance to not only in North Carolina but everywhere in the nation." Listen

The NC ECONet will lead to "high predictability about events that are of concern to our citizens." Listen

"What better can we ask of a partner... A partner who is physically located on the campus, a partner who has provided support for our educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, has attracted support from the state government and federal government, and has been able to provide adjunct faculty support for those with whom they are collaborating in fundamental research. In many ways, we are getting from the State Climate Office, in this partnership, exactly what a land grant institution is set up to do." Listen

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