The 25th anniversary of the State Climate Office of North Carolina public service held on October 26, 2001 provided anunprecedented avenue for different organizations, and experts to meet and develop a cohesive discussion on the future needs of climate related services in North Carolina. Several state, federal, and local agencies and private institutions participated through presentations, and active panel discussions. Shown below are some of the posters that were put up. Photographs taken during the symposium can be seen here.

History of SCO
(248K PDF)

SCO in the Community
(962K PDF)

The SCO is a local resource for weather and climate information for state agencies and the public
(255K PDF)

SCO efforts in Agricultural Meteorology
(851K PDF)

History of the Agricultural Weather Network
(586K PDF)

Research into climate changes and climate variaiblity
(205K PDF)

Developing the NC ECONet
(680K PDF)

Benefits of the NC ECONet
(67K PDF)

Evolution of the NC ECONet
(1586K PDF)

State Climate Office studies the history of hurricanes in NC
(258K PDF)

North Carolina Weather and El Niño / La Niña
(211K PDF)

The SCO is involved in modeling the complex weather of NC
(438K PDF)

SCO involved in investigating Landfalling Hurricanes
(221K PDF)

SCO staff and students provide weather support to state government during severe weather situations
(242K PDF)

SCO addresses issues like the pollution in North Carolina and interactions between the environment and the atmosphere
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