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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Welcome to Our New Website!

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. Today, we re-launched our website with a new look and a slightly different layout. But fear not: the same weather and... (Read more)

Rapid Reaction: December Begins with a Wintry Wake-Up Call

We don't often see snow on the ground before Christmas in North Carolina, but a potent weather system spurned the climatological and La NiƱa-skewed odds... (Read more)

Leftovers to Chew On from November

Today's climate summary takes a look at some notable weather headlines from the past month, as well what to look for from those storylines as we head into... (Read more)

The SCOfficial 2017-18 Winter Outlook

If you don't trust the likes of weather folklore with your winter forecast, here's a closer look at some environmental factors that might influence our... (Read more)

Winter Folklore Hints at When Snow Might Arrive

Whether you're an ardent believer in their forecasts or just an interested outside observer, the colorful collection of weather folklore provides plenty... (Read more)

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