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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

A Drenched December Caps a Record Wet Year

Precipitation continued to be the main story in North Carolina's weather, including a record wet December that -- despite a substantial wintry event early... (Read more)

Rapid Reaction: A Season's Worth of Snow in One Day

We didn't have to wait long this winter to see our first major snow event in North Carolina. The second weekend of December brought significant accumulating... (Read more)

A Cold, Wet November Offers a Possible Winter Preview

November in North Carolina was another wet month accompanied by the arrival of wintry temperatures and the ending of the Atlantic hurricane season, which... (Read more)

The SCOfficial 2018-19 Winter Outlook

In our previous post, we described the atmospheric patterns that could affect the northern hemisphere jet streams -- and therefore our weather -- this... (Read more)

Winter Outlook: A “Similar but Different” El Niño Taking Shape

Today, we kick off our seventh annual winter outlook series by looking at the state of the oceans and atmosphere entering the winter, along with how these... (Read more)

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