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Interested in coming to our office for a tour?

Research III

At the State Climate Office, we provide educational tours for student groups!

What do we cover during our tours?

Our tours typically begin at our office with a discussion of weather and climate in North Carolina, including:

  • the difference between weather and climate,
  • factors that influence NC's climate, and
  • extreme events and their impact to our society.

The tour often also includes a trip to a nearby weather station with research grade sensors. During this part of the tour, we explain how the instruments work and discuss the importance of weather observations for forecasting and understanding our climate. Groups typically spend 60 to 90 minutes touring our office and the weather station.

School group at Lake Wheeler weather station

What else do I need to know before visiting?

Our outreach program is currently geared toward students in the 2nd grade and above. The maximum group size our office can handle at one time is 25 (including adults).

Our scientific staff and students are eager to provide these outreach programs. However, we share these duties along with our other responsibilities and are limited in how far we can travel for presentations. We provide tours on a first come basis. While we make every effort to accommodate requests for tours, our schedule typically fills up very fast and we can not guarantee that we can provide tours for all interested groups. Please be sure to contact our office well in advance of your desired tour date.

Weather Wall

How can I schedule a tour?

To schedule a tour, please contact:

Greg Deleruyelle
Phone: 919-515-1667

How do I get to the State Climate Office?

For directions to our office, please click here.

For directions from our office to our nearby weather station, please click here.