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Drought and Heat

Drought extended definition

Drought occurs when sufficient water needed to sustain an area is not available, causing economic impacts on agriculture, society, and ecosystems.  It is most often caused by lack of rainfall over a long time period but can also be affected by unusually high temperatures and dry spells, particularly during summer months.

Effects of drought extended definition

Lessened amounts of precipitation over an area for an extended period of time has many effects on farmland and crops. Drought conditions result from a lack of precipitation and this has many effects on the surrounding land and weather conditions. Drought conditions can worsen after prolonged periods of no rainfall, especially in areas where the water supply is short.

Heat Waves extended definition

Heat waves are extended periods of unusually hot weather that affect human and animal health as well as energy use.

Drought and wildfires extended definition

Wildfires can occur during drought conditions when the land and vegetation have dried out.

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