Blackberry Chill Models

To retrieve chill units from the blackberry chill model(s), choose a state, station, and season of interest.

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This project is being done in collaboration with Dr. Gina Fernandez in the NCSU Department of Horticulture, and the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service (NCARS).

Note that instantaneous temperatures are used for calculating the inception date for all models. For chill unit calculations, hourly average temperatures are used where available.

* Model 2 accumulates 1 chill unit when temperature is between 0 and 7° C (32°F and 45°F). Chilling inception occurs at the first incidence of -2.2° C (28°F).
Warmund, Michele R., and J. Krumme, "A Chilling Model to Estimate Rest Completion of Erect Blackberries," HortScience 40(5):1259-1262. 2005.

** Forecast is made from numerical weather model WRF, initialized at 2017112118Z