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Station Details
Station: WAYN - Mountain Research Station        Date of First Observation: October 3, 1987
Station Type: ECONET - Tower what is this?         Maintenance Logs
City, State: Waynesville, NC      County: Haywood County
Latitude: 35.48752°      Longitude: -82.96768°
Elevation: 2755 feet above sea level
Climate Division: NC01 - Southern Mountains
River Basin: Pigeon
Supported By: NC Agricultural Research Service
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Daily observations are the highs/lows and averages of all recorded parameters for each individual day.

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The first observation for this station is October 3, 1987
The most recent observation for this station is June 6, 2020

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Daily Atmospheric ParametersUnitHeight
Air Temperature (daily average)2m
Max air temperature2m
Time of max temperatureHHMM 2m
Mean air temperature ((max+min)/2)2m
Min air temperature2m
Time of min tempHHMM 2m
Max heat index2m
Min wind chill2m
Station pressure daily average2m
Calculated sea-level pressure daily average2m
Max station pressure2m
Time of max station pressureHHMM 2m
Min station pressure2m
Time of min station pressureHHMM 2m
Degree Days (calculated) Base2m
Daily Wind ParametersUnitHeight
Wind speed daily average10m
Wind speed max10m
Time of max wind speedHHMM 10m
Wind gust max10m
Time of max wind gustHHMM 10m
Wind direction of maximum wind speed10m
Wind direction daily average10m
Daily Moisture ParametersUnit Height
Relative humidity daily averagepercent (%) 2m
Max relative humiditypercent (%) 2m
Time of max relative humidityHHMM 2m
Min relative humiditypercent (%) 2m
Time of min relative humidityHHMM 2m
Daily precipitation1m
Daily Reference Crop Evapotranspiration What is This?
Daily Crop Evapotranspiration (Penman-Monteith) What is This?
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Open Water Evaporation (Penman-Monteith) What is This?
Daily Soil ParametersUnitDepth
Soil temperature daily average 0.1m
Soil temperature daily max 0.1m
Time of max soil temperatureHHMM 0.1m
Soil temperature daily min 0.1m
Time of min soil temperature HHMM 0.1m
Soil moisture daily averagemeters3/meters3 (m3/m3) 0.2m
Soil moisture daily max meters3/meters3 (m3/m3) 0.2m
Time of max soil moistureHHMM 0.2m
Soil moisture daily min meters3/meters3 (m3/m3) 0.2m
Time of min soil moistureHHMM 0.2m
Daily Solar Radiation ParametersUnitHeight
Photosynthetically active radiation daily averageµmole s-1m-2 2m
Photosynthetically active radiation daily max µmole s-1m-2 2m
Time of max photosynthetically active radiationHHMM 2m
Solar radiation daily averageWatts/meter2 (W/m2) 2m
Solar radiation daily max Watts/meter2 (W/m2)   2m
Time of max solar radiationHHMM 2m

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