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News and stories about North Carolina's weather and climate

Update from the Field: What's happening with the ECONet?

Figure 1. Current outline of an ECONet TowerEver wonder where the data comes from which TV Meteorologists use to base their 3 to 7 day outlook? Or the... (Read more)

Halfway through summer... What summer?

This week marks the halfway point for summer, and the first series of days in quite a while that have "typical" summer weather in North Carolina. How does... (Read more)

What's the trend in your area: A precipitation pattern or just random rainfall?

How many times have you been waiting for a rain system to arrive only to see it just miss you or dissipate before reaching your location? Or can you count... (Read more)

Climate Summary: June 2013

Statewide Average Precipitation: *8.86 inches (2nd wettest since 1895) Statewide Average Temperature: *73.8 (59th coolest since 1895) *Values generated... (Read more)

Death Valley ready to remember a temperature record

On Wednesday, Death Valley, CA, should be a little livelier than usual as crowds are expected to come and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the world's... (Read more)

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