First Freeze for Autumn 2013: How Does it Compare?

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will likely produce the first freeze events of the season across most of the lower elevations of North Carolina (higher elevations have already experienced a freeze).

How does the timing of the first freeze in 2013 compare with historical climatology?

Below is a table with dates of average, earliest, and latest freeze for a few lower-elevation sites across the state. (Note that we're defining a freeze as minimum temperature <= 32°F). This table was produced using our online Climate Thresholds Tool.

City Average Date of First Freeze Earliest Date Latest Date
Greensboro November 1 October 4, 1974 December 1, 1964
Charlotte November 7 October 9, 2000 December 10, 1989
Fayetteville November 7 September 20, 1971 December 3, 1956
Elizabeth City November 12 October 21, 1940 December 11, 1919
Raleigh November 13 October 3, 1974 December 27, 1992

So the timing of this year's freeze is a bit early, but not unusually so. Most of North Carolina experiences their first freeze in the first couple weeks of November. This year, it comes about a week early.

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