Little Bradley Falls

Winter Weather - Winter Storm Database

Glaze, Snow, Sleet
Started: December 25th, 1969
Ended: December 26th, 1969
Frozen and freezing precipitation began over a large area on Christmas Day and continued the following morning. Snow was reported accumulated up to one foot in the southern Mountains and one and one half to two feet in the higher elevations of the northern Mountains as a result of this and the earlier snow. Scattered Mountain areas and much of the Piedmont had a great deal of freezing rain with the storm, causing most of the damage. There were many broken limbs, a few fallen trees, and broken power and telephone lines resulting in outages ranging from a few hours to two days in many areas. Schools were closed one or more days in several counties.
Injuries High Property
$500,000.00 High Crop
Deaths Low Property
$50,000.00 Low Crop
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