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Glaze, Snow, Sleet1969-12-21
Snow one to eight inches in the mountains, with scattered areas of sleet and glaze caused the most damage. A few localities had considerable breakage in power and telephone lines. Some schools were closed.

Glaze, Snow, Sleet1969-12-25
Frozen and freezing precipitation began over a large area on Christmas Day and continued the following morning. Snow was reported accumulated up to one foot in the southern Mountains and one and one half to two feet in the higher elevations of the northern Mountains as a result of this and the earl...

Glaze, Snow, Sleet1969-12-26
Ice storm caused considerable breakage of tree limbs which fell on wires causing power and telephone outages affecting several hundred homes and businesses. A little snow and sleet was recorded in some areas. Some schools closed for a day.

Cold, Snow, Sleet, Glaze1970-01-07
Temperatures remained below freezing continuously for three or four days. Lowest was mostly zero to twenty below zero in the mountains, zero to ten above in the Piedmont and interior Coastal Plain, and ten to fifteen at the immediate coast. Unusual duration in intensity of the cold caused many bre...

Cold, Snow, Sleet, Glaze1970-01-20
Another cold spell similar to above in intensity and duration caused similar damage. Glaze on the 20th and snow on the 23rd reached all the way to the southeast coast. A man died in Anson County when pinned down in snow by an overturned farm tractor.

Woman was found dead from exposure near Carthage.
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