Full Storm Details

Storm: Unnamed

The table below contains detailed information on storm track and intensity. The date and time of observations are given first, followed by the storm's position with respect to latitude and longitude for each time step. The fourth column gives storm classification, while the last two columns show the central pressure in millibars and maximum sustained winds in miles per hour.

Each row is color-coded based upon storm classification (see legend).

Date/Time Latitude Longitude Classification Pressure Winds
07/07/1971 12:00PM 29.0° N 92.0° W Tropical Depression 20
07/07/1971 6:00PM 29.4° N 93.0° W Tropical Depression 25
07/08/1971 12:00AM 29.8° N 94.0° W Tropical Depression 25
07/08/1971 6:00AM 30.2° N 95.0° W Tropical Depression 25
07/08/1971 12:00PM 30.5° N 96.0° W Tropical Depression
Row Color Maximum Classification
Category 3, 4 and 5
Category 1 and 2
Tropical Storm
Tropical Wave, Tropical Disturbance, Tropical Low, Subtropical Depression, Tropical Depression, Subtropical Storm, and Extratropical Storm