Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in the Southeastern US

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The table below depicts all hurricanes that have made landfall in North Carolina.

Storm NameMax ClassificationYearMax WindsMin Pressure
Isabel Category 52003145915
Floyd Category 41999135921
Unnamed Category 41899130
Unnamed Category 41910130
Donna Category 41960125
Gloria Category 41985125920
Unnamed Category 41933120
Connie Category 41955120
Ione Category 41955120
Hazel Category 41954115
Diana Category 41984115949
Unnamed Category 31883110
Isbell Category 31964110
Unnamed Category 31894105
Kate Category 31985105954
Fran Category 31996105946
Irene Category 32011105942
Unnamed Category 31852100
Unnamed Category 31876100
Unnamed Category 31879100
Bertha Category 31996100960
Bonnie Category 31998100954
Unnamed Category 2188895
Ginger Category 2197195
Unnamed Category 2185790
Unnamed Category 2187890
Unnamed Category 2188190
Diane Category 2195590
Dennis Category 2199990962
Unnamed Category 2194585
Arthur Category 2201485973
Barbara Category 1195380
Unnamed Category 1191375
Unnamed Category 1192075
Unnamed Category 1186170
Unnamed Category 1186170
Unnamed Category 1187270
Unnamed Category 1188070
Unnamed Category 1189770
Unnamed Category 1190170
Unnamed Category 1190170
Unnamed Category 1190870
Unnamed Category 1194470
Unnamed Category 1194670
Dennis Category 1198170
Charley Category 1198670980
Unnamed Category 1190865
Unnamed Category 1191865
Abby Category 1196865
Bob Category 1197965986
Ernesto Category 1200665985
Unnamed Tropical Storm192580
Unnamed Tropical Storm193265
Unnamed Tropical Storm186360
Unnamed Tropical Storm189760
Unnamed Tropical Storm191260
Brenda Tropical Storm196060
Unnamed Tropical Storm197060
Beryl Tropical Storm201260992
Unnamed Tropical Storm195960
Unnamed Tropical Storm189755
Unnamed Tropical Storm190755
Doria Tropical Storm197155
Unnamed Tropical Storm195655
Unnamed Tropical Storm185650
Unnamed Tropical Storm188250
Unnamed Tropical Storm189350
Barry Tropical Storm200750990
Gabrielle Tropical Storm2007501004
Unnamed Tropical Storm190845
Unnamed Tropical Storm191645
Unnamed Tropical Storm193445
Unnamed Tropical Storm194245
Unnamed Tropical Storm194945
Arthur Tropical Storm199645992
Claudette Tropical Storm2015451003
Julia Tropical Storm2016451007
Unnamed Tropical Storm190040
Unnamed Tropical Storm191040
Unnamed Tropical Storm196135
Subtrop Subtropical Storm198260984
Unnamed Tropical Depression198730
Unnamed Tropical Depression197225
Unnamed Tropical Depression1967
Row ColorMaximum Classification
Category 3, 4 and 5
Category 1 and 2
Tropical Storm
Tropical Wave, Tropical Disturbance, Tropical Low, Subtropical Depression, Tropical Depression, Subtropical Storm, and Extratropical Storm