Tropical Cyclones That Have Affected the Southeastern US

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The table below depicts storms that have affected North Carolina. Note this does not include direct landfalling storms along NC's coast, but includes storms that made landfall elsewhere and moved into the interior parts of the state.

Storm NameMax ClassificationYearMax WindsMin Pressure
Nestor Tropical Storm201950996
Melissa Tropical Storm201955994
Chantal Tropical Storm2019351007
Barry Category 1201965993
Michael Category 42018135919
Florence Category 42018120941
Chris Category 2201890970
Ten Tropical Low2017401004
Matthew Category 52016145934
Julia Tropical Storm2016451007
Colin Tropical Storm201650987
Bonnie Tropical Storm2016401006
Ana Tropical Storm201550998
Andrea Tropical Storm201355992
Alberto Tropical Storm201250995
Beryl Tropical Storm201260992
Irene Category 32011105942
Lee Tropical Storm201150986
Earl Category 42010125927
One Tropical Depression2009301006
Cristobal Tropical Storm200855998
Fay Tropical Storm200860986
Hanna Category 1200875977
Andrea Subtropical Storm200765998
Barry Tropical Storm200750990
Alberto Tropical Storm200660969
Beryl Tropical Storm2006501000
Ernesto Category 1200665985
Cindy Category 1200565991
Ophelia Category 1200575976
Alex Category 32004105957
Bonnie Tropical Storm2004551001
Charley Category 42004130941
Frances Category 42004125935
Gaston Category 1200465985
Ivan Category 52004145910
Jeanne Category 32004105950
Bill Tropical Storm200350997
Seven Tropical Depression2003301016
Henri Tropical Storm200350997
Arthur Tropical Storm200250992
Cristobal Tropical Storm200245999
Gustav Category 2200285960
Hanna Tropical Storm2002501001
Isidore Category 32002110934
Kyle Category 1200275980
Allison Tropical Storm2001501000
Gordon Category 1200070981
Helene Tropical Storm200060986
Irene Category 2199995958
Earl Category 2199885964
Subtrop Subtropical Storm1997451003
Ana Tropical Storm1997401000
Danny Category 1199770984
Josephine Tropical Storm199660970
Allison Category 1199565982
Felix Category 41995120929
Jerry Tropical Storm1995351002
Opal Category 41995130916
Alberto Tropical Storm199455993
Two Tropical Depression199430
Beryl Tropical Storm199450999
Gordon Category 1199475980
Emily Category 31993100960
Andrew Category 51992150922
Danielle Tropical Storm1992551001
Ana Tropical Storm1991451000
Bob Category 31991100950
Bertha Category 1199070973
Marco Tropical Storm199055989
Hugo Category 51989140918
Alberto Tropical Storm1988351002
Chris Tropical Storm1988451005
Arlene Category 1198765987
Andrew Tropical Storm198645999
Charley Category 1198670980
Bob Category 11985651002
Claudette Category 1198575980
Danny Category 1198580987
Henri Tropical Storm198550996
Isabel Tropical Storm198560997
Juan Category 1198575971
Kate Category 31985105954
Isidore Tropical Storm198450999
Dean Tropical Storm198355999
Subtrop Subtropical Storm198260984
Bret Tropical Storm198160
Unnamed Tropical Depression198130
Dennis Category 1198170
Unnamed Tropical Depression198030
Charley Category 1198070989
Unnamed Tropical Depression197930
David Category 51979150924
Frederic Category 41979115943
Unnamed Tropical Depression197825
Babe Category 1197765
Clara Category 1197765993
Subtrop Subtropical Storm197645994
Unnamed Tropical Depression197630
Belle Category 31976105957
Dottie Tropical Storm197645
Unnamed Tropical Depression197625
Subtrop Subtropical Storm1976401011
Amy Tropical Storm197560981
Eloise Category 31975110
Hallie Tropical Storm1975451002
Subtrop Subtropical Storm197455
Subtrop Subtropical Storm197445
Unnamed Tropical Depression197325
Alpha Subtropical Storm197260
Agnes Category 1197275
Unnamed Tropical Depression197225
Dawn Category 1197270
Arlene Tropical Storm197155
Beth Category 1197175
Edith Category 51971140
Unnamed Tropical Depression197125
Alma Category 1197070
Becky Tropical Storm197055
Unnamed Tropical Depression197025
Anna Tropical Storm196960
Camille Category 51969150
Gerda Category 31969110
Abby Category 1196865
Dolly Category 1196870
Gladys Category 1196875
Doria Category 1196775
Alma Category 31966110
Unnamed Tropical Storm196545
Unnamed Tropical Storm196450
Cleo Category 41964135
Dora Category 41964115
Isbell Category 31964110
Ginny Category 2196395
Alma Category 2196285
Esther Category 41961125
Brenda Tropical Storm196060
Donna Category 41960125
Arlene Tropical Storm195955
Cindy Category 1195965
Gracie Category 41959115
Irene Tropical Storm195940
Daisy Category 41958115
Helene Category 41958130
Unnamed Tropical Storm195765
Audrey Category 31957110
Flossy Category 1195680
Unnamed Tropical Storm195445
Unnamed Tropical Storm195460
Unnamed Tropical Storm195445
Carol Category 31954100
Edna Category 31954110
Hazel Category 41954115
Unnamed Tropical Storm195345
Unnamed Tropical Storm195355
Unnamed Tropical Storm195260
Able Category 2195285
Unnamed Tropical Storm195245
Able Category 1195180
How Category 2195185
Able Category 31950110
Love Category 1195070
Unnamed Category 2194995
Unnamed Category 41949115
Unnamed Tropical Storm194835
Unnamed Category 31948105
Unnamed Category 1194865
Unnamed Tropical Storm194755
Unnamed Tropical Storm194750
Unnamed Category 2194790
Unnamed Category 2194685
Unnamed Category 2194585
Unnamed Category 41945115
Unnamed Category 41944125
Unnamed Category 41944125
Unnamed Tropical Storm194350
Unnamed Tropical Storm194345
Unnamed Tropical Storm194355
Unnamed Category 1194170
Unnamed Category 31941105
Unnamed Category 2194085
Unnamed Category 2194095
Unnamed Category 1193965
Unnamed Category 51938140
Unnamed Tropical Storm193760
Unnamed Tropical Storm193755
Unnamed Tropical Storm193765
Unnamed Category 31936105
Unnamed Category 51935160
Unnamed Category 2193590
Unnamed Category 2193485
Unnamed Category 1193475
Unnamed Category 2193490
Unnamed Tropical Storm193445
Unnamed Category 41933120
Unnamed Category 41933120
Unnamed Tropical Storm193265
Unnamed Tropical Storm193260
Unnamed Category 41930135
Unnamed Category 41929135
Unnamed Category 2192890
Unnamed Category 1192880
Unnamed Category 51928140
Unnamed Tropical Storm192750
Unnamed Tropical Storm192535
Unnamed Tropical Storm192580
Unnamed Tropical Storm192455
Unnamed Category 31924105
Unnamed Category 1192475
Unnamed Tropical Storm192465
Unnamed Tropical Storm192350
Unnamed Tropical Storm191760
Unnamed Tropical Storm191650
Unnamed Category 31916105
Unnamed Category 31916100
Unnamed Category 1191565
Unnamed Category 2191585
Unnamed Category 41915125
Unnamed Category 1191365
Unnamed Tropical Storm191245
Unnamed Tropical Storm191150
Unnamed Category 2191185
Unnamed Category 41910130
Unnamed Tropical Storm190945
Unnamed Tropical Storm190835
Unnamed Tropical Storm190755
Unnamed Tropical Storm190740
Unnamed Tropical Storm190745
Unnamed Tropical Storm190645
Unnamed Category 1190680
Unnamed Category 31906105
Unnamed Tropical Storm190545
Unnamed Category 1190475
Unnamed Tropical Storm190445
Unnamed Category 1190380
Unnamed Category 2190385
Unnamed Tropical Storm190250
Unnamed Category 2190290
Unnamed Tropical Storm190135
Unnamed Category 1190170
Unnamed Category 1190170
Unnamed Tropical Storm190145
Unnamed Tropical Storm190045
Unnamed Tropical Storm190040
Unnamed Category 41899130
Unnamed Tropical Storm189950
Unnamed Tropical Storm189940
Unnamed Category 2189995
Unnamed Category 41898115
Unnamed Tropical Storm189760
Unnamed Category 2189685
Unnamed Category 31896110
Unnamed Category 2189685
Unnamed Category 31894105
Unnamed Category 31894105
Unnamed Category 1189365
Unnamed Category 31893100
Unnamed Category 31893105
Unnamed Category 31893105
Unnamed Category 41893115
Unnamed Tropical Storm189360
Unnamed Tropical Storm189245
Unnamed Tropical Storm189250
Unnamed Tropical Storm189155
Unnamed Category 1188965
Unnamed Category 2188990
Unnamed Category 2188995
Unnamed Tropical Storm188950
Unnamed Tropical Storm188850
Unnamed Category 1188870
Unnamed Category 2188895
Unnamed Category 2188885
Unnamed Category 2188785
Unnamed Category 31887105
Unnamed Category 31887110
Unnamed Category 1188775
Unnamed Tropical Storm188770
Unnamed Category 2188685
Unnamed Category 2188685
Unnamed Category 31886105
Unnamed Category 2188590
Unnamed Tropical Storm188550
Unnamed Category 1188580
Unnamed Category 1188570
Unnamed Tropical Storm188560
Unnamed Category 1188480
Unnamed Tropical Storm188370
Unnamed Category 31882110
Unnamed Category 41882120
Unnamed Category 1188070
Unnamed Category 1187970
Unnamed Category 1187970
Unnamed Category 2187890
Unnamed Category 1187870
Unnamed Category 2187890
Unnamed Tropical Storm187760
Unnamed Category 31877100
Unnamed Tropical Storm187750
Unnamed Category 31876100
Unnamed Category 1187570
Unnamed Category 1187480
Unnamed Category 1187370
Unnamed Tropical Storm187350
Unnamed Category 31873100
Unnamed Category 1187270
Unnamed Category 31871100
Unnamed Category 31871100
Unnamed Category 1187170
Unnamed Category 1187170
Unnamed Category 31869100
Unnamed Tropical Storm186870
Unnamed Category 1186770
Unnamed Category 2186790
Unnamed Category 2186790
Unnamed Category 2186790
Unnamed Tropical Storm186660
Unnamed Tropical Storm186560
Unnamed Category 2186390
Unnamed Tropical Storm186250
Unnamed Category 2186290
Unnamed Tropical Storm186150
Unnamed Category 1186170
Unnamed Category 31860110
Unnamed Category 2186090
Unnamed Category 1185970
Unnamed Category 2185890
Unnamed Category 1185880
Unnamed Tropical Storm185750
Unnamed Category 31856100
Unnamed Category 31854110
Unnamed Category 41853130
Unnamed Category 2185390
Unnamed Category 31852100
Unnamed Category 2185290
Unnamed Category 31851100
Unnamed Tropical Storm185160
Row ColorMaximum Classification
Category 3, 4 and 5
Category 1 and 2
Tropical Storm
Tropical Wave, Tropical Disturbance, Tropical Low, Subtropical Depression, Tropical Depression, Subtropical Storm, and Extratropical Storm