Chapter Officers

President: Katie Webster
North Carolina Division of Emergency Management
Katie serves as a Weather Officer with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management and works to address natural hazards that pose a threat to the State. In addition to developing and updating emergency response and recovery plans, she provides meteorological expertise and technical support on a day-to-day basis and in the State Emergency Operations Center during activations.

Prior to joining NCEM, she worked as a Meteorological Analyst at the NWS Sterling Field Support Center in Sterling, VA. It was there that she researched, tested, and qualified sounding balloons, radiosondes, and tracking instrumentation that is used in the NWS Upper Air Network. Additional work included hands-on testing and troubleshooting with the NWS ASOS sensors.

Katie graduated from N.C. State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Meteorology and completed her M.S. in Emergency Management from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in May 2014.

Vice-President: T.C. Moore
U.S. Air Force (Federal Civilian Employee)
T.C. currently works as a federal civilian for the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Director of Weather (Pentagon) as the Chief, Interagency Weather Integration, where he develops approaches for integration of emerging science and technology, for the purpose of improving planning, programming, employment and maintenance for USAF weather resources. He accomplishes this mostly through telework, with some physical travel to the DC area on a regular basis.

T.C retired from active duty in 2011, after 22 years of service as a USAF Weather Officer. He is an instructor for the NCSU OLLI/Encore Center for Continuing Education program, and volunteers time with the American Red Cross on the Disaster Assessment Leadership and Weather Watch Teams.

T.C. is a proud Wolfpack alumnus, holding B.S. (Meteorology, 1988) and M.S. (Atmospheric Science, 1995) degrees from N.C. State University. His and his wife Lynn (also an NCSU alumnus) have two children.

Treasurer: Frank Schiermeier
Frank retired in 2001 after first serving eighteen years as a Division scientist, followed by eighteen years as Director of the NOAA/EPA Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division located in Research Triangle Park, NC. This was preceded by three years in the U.S. Air Force after graduation from St. Louis University.

Frank is an honorary lifetime member of the NATO Committee on Science for Peace and Security, active in NATO Pilot Studies on Air Pollution Modeling. He participates in the NCSU Encore Center for Continuing Education and serves on the Education Committee for the WCPE Classical Music Station.

Frank and his wife Marilyn have three children and three grandchildren.

Secretary: Elliot Tardif
North Carolina Division of Air Quality
Elliot is a meteorologist with the North Carolina Division of Air Quality (NCDAQ) in Raleigh. He is part of a team of meteorologists within NCDAQ that prepares and disseminates daily air quality forecasts for seven different regions within North Carolina. Additionally, he focuses on air quality modeling activities that deal with a litany of regulatory issues including State Implementation Plan development, attainment and nonattainment matters, as well as other projects such as retrospective air quality modeling and GIS mapping.

Elliot graduated with his B.S. in Meteorology from SUNY Oswego in 2005, and completed his M.S. in Earth Science at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in 2012.

Education and Outreach Chair: Vacant